About Us

Thank you for visiting our website. Please allow us to introduce ourselves in the hopes that you will enjoy our story and gain an understanding of our craft. We live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on a 40 acre farm. The farm has been in the Sitko family for three generations.

 Both of us were raised to revere our Mother Earth and to protect and guard the beauty that surrounds us. Henry’s mother passed on her love for the harvest that the earth gives to us during the summer months. She also passed on her fondness for trees and flowers. Henry’s early years living on a farm helped to develop his love for forestry and agriculture. As a youth, he pursued studies in horticulture. Theresa’s love for nature was also cultivated by her younger years on a farm. Her grandfather, parents and extended family grew flowers on their farm. This led Theresa to pursue a career in horticulture and floristry. She placed first in Pennsylvania and third in the nation for her floral design skills.

Growing up on a farm did not leave much leisure time for us. When there was time, our families socialized with one another. Our farms were within a mile of one another and we both were from large families (Henry is 1 of 9 and Theresa is 1 of 6). We would look forward to going to picnics at the Sitko farm. By combining the two families, we had plenty of people for a game of baseball.

We were blessed to grow up together in homes that relied on Mother Nature for our livelihood. As our understanding and appreciation for the beauty of nature grew, so did our love for each other. We enjoyed going for walks together. During this time, we would notice all of the unique creations of nature. In the early years of our marriage, we spent much time hiking along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania and New York. While in New York our love for the Adirondack Mountains developed into a dream of someday having a small retirement home in the woods.

As our life’s journey continued, we have always turned toward nature to ground us. When times got tough, a walk in the woods, working in the garden or planting some trees would literally “ground” us. Looking toward nature helped us to refocus our vision to what is really important. We believe that taking the time to commune with nature allows us to leave the busy, distracting noises of our modern world. In the soft whispers of nature, you can hear Our Creator speak to us.

Our nature walks, today, continue to develop our love for each other while teaching our grandson and granddaughter to love nature. During those walks, we find memories of the past and are creating memories for our grandchildren and ourselves. Our grandson has always loved going on nature walks. He often insists on always wearing his boots, so he’s ready at a moment’s notice. Our tiny granddaughter enjoys the view from a backpack. She tries to grab leaves to snack on as they pass by her.

Recently, we have been finding messages in nature. We believe that Our Creator has been sending us signs (pun intended). It is our pleasure to share with you that the signs that have been shown to us. With in these small pieces of creation you can find and create things like peace, hope, family, faith, courage, laughter and love. Just as our love was created in nature, we want to help you to create your own love in the signs of nature. We invite you to have fun with the letters that we have found and created. We can only hope that you enjoy your sign as much as we have enjoyed carefully searching the nature that surrounds us for a new letter to add to our alphabet.

Sincerely, Henry and Theresa Sitko


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